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Writing code to make something happen is what we're passionate about and so using code to solve problems and provide people with functionality is what we live for.

Web Development

Web Development

Web development is one of the things we enjoy doing the most. Something we are really good at. The reason we love it so much is the enormous possibilities it holds, by giving people from anywhere in the world access to computing power and functionality they can use for an unlimited amount of tasks. This functionality is made available through various web APIs, that with the right credentials can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

We only design and develop responsive websites

Web development covers a number of skills and include developing web applications and services, that provide data to websites and mobile applications. With over 2 decades of web development experience we can develop the type of functionality any company or individual might require.

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

eCommerce is alive and well and accounts for over 2 trillion dollars annually in sales. That figure is expected to double in the year 2021. We provide our clients with expert eCommerce development, that create online shops people will love and use again and again. Online shops that owners can easily manage and control.

eCommerce development for online shops that work and are easy to manage

Make the most of getting an online shop, by using a company you can trust and that has the knowledge and experience, to give you a shop you can be proud of. Give your customers the experience that will make them come back for more of your great products and service.

Mobile Applications

Android & iPhone Applications

SnowCrest Digital offers native mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices and hybrid mobile applications for lower costs but not performance. We also specialize in business applications, social networking apps, games and more. The only limit is your imagination.

Mobile applications because 5 billion people have phones

5 billion people have mobile phones which is an enormous market, which cannot be denied. It's time you get in on that market and make it easy for your customers to make use of your services or buy your products.

CMS Development

Content Management Systems

Content management systems make it easy for people without development skills to quickly get a website up and running. Added functionality is provided through modules or plugins and the look and feel of a website can be changed with easy installable themes. Sometimes however functionality is needed that modules or plugins cannot provide and that is where we come in. We make CMS website do anything possible.

Wordpress plugin development and theme design. Drupal module development and theme design

We primarily focus on Wordpress and Drupal development since in our opinion they are two leading content management systems available today. They are well supported with millions of websites around the world using those platforms.

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