Working with WordPress is something we do on a daily basis and part of working with WordPress is installing plugins written by other people. One thing that developers who write plugins should stop doing, is adding the !important directive to css style sheets. Sometimes we have to override styles and if a developer added the !important statement to an element it makes it hard for developers to override that specific styling. There is no need to actually use the !important statement, except in extreme cases, and if you use IDs and classes in the correct way there is no need to make any style important.

!important should only be used if you do not have access to the HTML and the classes of elements are not created by yourself. Using !important is considered bad practice and should be avoided.

I remember the early days of the Internet when you browsed and suddenly a new window would appear with some advertising. It was annoying to say the least. People complained and browsers listened and added tools for you to stop the pop-ups. 30 years later and the annoying pop-up ads got replaced by annoying pop-ups asking you to subscribe to news letters or offering you something. What makes it worse is that the pop-ups are not placed at the bottom or on the side of the site, or that it shows when you first open the site. You are busy reading and you are trying to follow a story when suddenly in front of you, covering what you were busy reading, the enormous pop-up appears asking you to complete a form. You didn’t ask for it and you are really not interested in signing up for anything. You are simply interested in reading a piece of content, that you now have to try and find the place where you were.

Not the best method to attract attention in my opinion.