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Digital Marketing

Putting you on top is our mission

Search Engine Optimization

The art of improving the search ranking of a website in search results

Putting you in front and on top

There are more than 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web and every single one of them, wants to be on the front page of a search result on a search engine. That means competition in the market to appear on the first page of a search result is tough. Companies pay vast amounts of money and have teams that ensure they get on the front page and stay on the front page. That is why it is important to start as soon as possible with SEO so you can get that position and improve on that position from there on.

Search Engine Optimization is a highly specialized field, it takes time and is a process. With more than 10 years of Search Engine Optimization experience, we know how to get your website link high on search result pages and with the right meta description we get more people to click on your link.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay per click management so you get the best value and highest results

Make every click count

Also called pay-per-click management it is where people and companies pay for ads that appear at the top of search results in the ads section of search engines. Every time someone clicks on your website link you are charged a rate you decide on. The higher the rate the more likely your link will appear as there many other websites that complete for that position. It all depends on the market you operate in and popular markets of course the competition is tougher.

We are trained professionals that know what keywords to use, how to set the correct rate so you get the best value and the results you require. We work with you according to your budget and because you are in charge you can start, pause, stop or cancel any time you want.

Social Media Marketing

Looking for people? You'll find them on social media.

Where all the people are daily

People spend vast amounts of time on social media so it makes sense that social media marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. The opportunity is there to target a large number of people at a time and if the ad is properly created like we do it you can be sure the traffic on your website is going to increase and that is whhat we want. Social media marketing however is different from social media advertising and the word that applies here is free. It's marketing clients do not have to pay extra for and so it provides great value for money.

We create engaging content people will come back for and share as much as they can. We provide people with information they can use and we give it to them in an entertaining way so they enjoy gettting the information as much as possible.

Email Marketing

Best form of direct person to person marketing to this day.

Check your inbox

Most people nowadays have the email sent to their phone so they know when they get an email. Other people will go to their computer every now and again to see if they have any emails. Email marketing is one of the most direct and successful marketing mediums in use today. At SnowCrest digital we make sure your emails are not labeled as Spam and that the recipient is actually waiting just to get one of your company's exciting emails.

Content Marketing

The Internet is about content and it's what people are after, we promote the right content.

The reason people are on the Internet

The Internet is about content and people search and browse it constantly for new and exciting content. Content comes in various formats and depending on the context some content formats work better than others. What content to use and what format comes with experience. We have well over a decade of experience doing digital marketing and we know exactly what content to use in what situation.

Online Advertising

Advertising pays and the channels increased a thousand fold

Track your results

Many websites make their money through advertising including big websites like facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram and others. They have created highly functional advertising platforms on these websites that people can use to created and manage their online advertising on these websites. Now there are many websites that allow people to advertise and which one to choose is something that takes careful consideration. We do the necessary research and give our clients a number of options that will suit their business and budget.

Mobile Advertising

5 Billion people is a huge market and a market available 24/7/365 from any location.

Targeted advertising on the move

Mobile phones have taken over our lives and you hardly see a person walking without a phone or kids looking at their screens while they wait for something or someone. It is by far the biggest market in the world and with the right targeting you can reach the exact groups of people you want to. We ave a huge range of channels and options and can target groups in any country, between different ages and from various locations, not to mention people looking for something specific and people that shop inside a specific budget range.

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