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    SnowCrest Digital is a dynamic Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development agency from Lakewood, NY. We like to think of ourselves and our company as a little different, doing things a little different and giving clients a whole lot more than what they pay for. We are highly focused on user experience and believe that at the end of the day, in the times we live in, it to be the most important, when it comes to website design.


    The company was founded in 2016 by Chris Anderson and Calvin Cani as a spur of the moment idea, after doing some work together. Dave Gardner from Buffalo who actually introduced Chris to Calvin, joined the company in the latter stages of 2020. Together the members bring over 20 years of Digital Marketing and Web Design experience to the table. All three have the same mission for the company and all three have the same commitment to customer service.


    Putting our clients first and on top


    A small number of branches in the USA

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    We are all about service

    Businesses are known by the products they sell and more importantly by the level of service they deliver. It's extremely important that we deliver a level of service, that will not only make our clients happy, but will actually impress them. We want a reputation of delivering the absolute best service in the industry, by following a simple dynamic of never ending and constant improvement.

    All websites need digital marketing

    Through proven digital marketing techniques and with our years of experience, we put you on top

    Without digital marketing and good Search Engine Optimization, websites get lost between the other 2 billion websites on the World Wide Web. Digital marketing techniques have proven themselves as effective methods to increase website traffic, generate valuable leads and increase brand awareness. We spend that little bit of extra time to ensure our clients walk away with exceptional results and that they come back for more great results. We don't just build brands, we also build lasting business relationships.

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    Pretty things get a lot more attention

    We make website visually appealing so people spend more time on them

    Doing design is really an awarding task. It allows us to let our creative juices flow and since we are all innovative people we like to see how far we can push it. From logos to websites we design not only attractive user interfaces, but great-looking graphics for you to use on your website, in emails or on marketing material. Digital marketing material that gets the attention of the people you are targeting.

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    Stunning and responsive

    Web design for a website that will excel your company and make you proud

    Websites that are not mobile-friendly gets severely penalized by search engines and since most people use their phones to browse the Internet lately, it makes perfect sense that all websites should be mobile-friendly. Responsive websites that look great on any devices. Websites that load fast and that's easy to navigate. We build websites that are easy to manage, if you would like to do it yourself.

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    Providing functionality to change the world

    The web provides an endless amount of opportunities and we make those opportunities available to you

    Web development for the creation of web services that are used by a vast amount of Interfaces, including mobile phones, websites and even other web services. Web applications are used by all industries and most governments. It is a never ending play field where the size of your imagination is the only barriers. Web applications provide functionality and data is huge amounts and best of all that functionality and data available from anywhere in the world.

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    Worry free hosting and administration

    We provide you with hosting you can trust and we look after your account

    We provide hosting as an add-on service to our valued clients. It enables us to bypass queues and fix something quickly without sending in a support ticket. It also allows us to optimize the servers for speed and security. We don't just host websites, we actively look after the accounts on which the websites are hosted.

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    Maintenance makes things last

    Professional system administration and server management

    Maintenance is something that must be done to ensure things work like they should. We maintain our homes, our cars and our appearances. Websites is something that also need to be maintained as the Internet is constantly changing and software is updated.

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    Snowcrest Digital best digital marketing New York State

    Change is like a holiday

    We wanted to change our website and we will do so every two or so years because websites get old and they start looking old so it’s time for something new.

    You can now book an appointment

    You can now quickly and easily book an appointment with a digital marketing professional.
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    Marketing Automation

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    Using software and methods to automate marketing channels

    Working smarter and less


    Automatin emails is one of the first things to consider when talking about market automation. Someone completes a form or signs up for something, that person should get an email. Someone has a birthday send them an email. Someone bought something from you, send them an email about a new special. There are so many options and we tailor-make it around your business.

    Social Media

    Many social media platforms gives you the opportunity to use events taking place on their websites, for your marketing automation purposes. Like if someone clicks on a contact link on a page. Many options and many opportunities make this a great channel to automate.


    Clicks, form sign ups, polls, likes and many more options make websites the biggest channel for automation. Customer engangement and interacting with customers will drive more customers to a great experience you create for them.

    Mobile Phones

    The most used appliance or device in the world today. Options are endless and we make sure to give our customers the best of what’s available, making sure the end user benefits the most.

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