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    SnowCrest Digital is a dynamic Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development agency based in Lakewood, NY. There are many website design and digital marketing firms, doing extremely nice things and providing great services. We do the same, we just do it with a little more passion and at much better rates.

    In 2020 we expanded and opened a branch in Pretoria South Africa, where we will be providing digital services to the people of South Africa.

    Snowcrest Digital is an International company with branches in the USA and South Africa


    The company was founded in 2016 by Chris Anderson and Calvin Cani, as a spur of the moment idea. Together the partners bring over 20 years of Digital Marketing and Web Design experience to the table. Both partners have the same goals for the company and both partners believe 'the customer is always right'.

    Our mission is to put our clients on top


    Putting our clients first and on top

    Our vision is a few branches in the United States


    A number of branches in the USA and two in South Africa.

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    Businesses are known by the products they sell and the services they deliver. Quality products means more people will buy them. Quality services means people will make use of them. We love people and the more happy people we have as customers, the harder we strive to do better.

    BBranding & Corporate Identity Design

    Building brands that live up to expectations

    Business is all about selling good quality products and delivering top level services. Those products and services are coupled to a name, a logo and a BRAND. We build clean, lasting brand identities and work closely with clients to ensure the brand lives up to consumer expectations.

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    WWebsite, UI and UX design

    We make websites visually appealing so people spend more time on them and responsive so they can be viewed on any device.

    User interfaces which include websites, web applications and mobile applications are all about user experiences. We avoid disruption and put control in the hands of the user, as it should be. We consider user experience by far the most important aspect when it comes to the designing of websites and applications.

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    WWeb Development

    Get the very best web development service to create that awesome web app or mobile app

    The greatest thing about the Internet is the access to functionality and information from anywhere in the world. Web development provides data and functionality to various interfaces, including websites and mobile apps, in a matter of seconds. Web development allows you to have a video conference with people on the other side of the world with clear voices and visuals. The possibilities are endless.

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    DDigital Marketing & Paid Advertising

    The web provides an endless amount of opportunities and we make those opportunities available to you

    The size of the Internet is common knowledge and the amount of websites that exist increase daily in their thousands. All websites require digital marketing and not just Search Engine Optimization, but proper digital marketing, planning and execution, to ensure business continues and the right people and amount of are reached.

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    HHosting & Maintenance

    We provide you with hosting you can trust and we look after your account

    Websites need hosting and maintenance, email needs hosting and when they go down or the service is interrupted or unreliable, it becomes a problem. Nobody likes problems and neither do we. We are so bent on making sure things work all the time, we gladly trade running hours for sleep. We've also been there and know what it's like so we won't let it happen to you.

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    PHP – Lesson1

    This is the first in a series of lessons about PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) a general purpose programming language used mainly for web development. I am not going to cover the history or installation of PHP. Please refer to the PHP website if you would like to learn more about that. We are simply going to jump in the deep end and start writing code.

    I presume you have a text editor you can use (Sublime text, Notepad, VS Code etc.) and a web server you can use on your local machine. Something like Wamp or Xampp for Windows. Linux it comes standard and there is nothing to install. Mac already has PHP installed as well as Apache to test your PHP scripts on. Refer to the installation pages if you have any questions.

    Let’s start.

    PHP and HTML

    PHP is used together with HTML to create interactive web pages. HTML is parsed by the browser, while PHP is parsed by the PHP engine, which is located on a server. PHP is an interpreted language meaning it needs an interpreter to function.

    PHP files are files with a php extension and that contains php code.

    PHP Code is text written in English and placed between an opening tag <?php and a closing tag ?>. You can also write the tags as <? and ?> but we’ll use the normal <?php and ?>. Anything between the <?php and ?> is considered to be PHP code and will be parsed (decoded, interpreted) as PHP code. Anything not between the two tags will be parsed as HTML


    <h3>This is a heading with HTML tags, parsed as normal HTML</h3>

    <?php echo(‘This text will print on the screen, because of the php echo() function’); ?>

    You are able to mix normal HTML and PHP anywhere on a page. The file name however must end in .php for it to work.


    <img src=”<?php echo(‘path to file’);?>” alt=”Image alt tag” />


    PHP is a loosely typed language meaning you don’t need to declare variables types before you are able to use them. PHP will guess what the type is based on what you used when you created the variable. All variable names start with a dollar sign $. So if you create a variable like this it would automatically become an Integer based on the value you used for the variable

    $number = 20
    variable = type integer

    $name = “George”
    variable = type string

    There are 8 data types used in PHP:

    Floating point numbers
    Numeric strings

    In our next lesson we’ll discuss each of these types.

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