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Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is huge and from the latest statistics there are around 1.5 Billion websites on the Internet and about 5 times as many web pages. Another interesting statistic is that 90% of all website visits, start with a search on a search engine. It is therefore vitally important that your website is optimized for search engines. There are number of things that count towards search engines ratings and some of them are:

  • Overall website structure
  • Back links (links on other websites that link to yours)
  • Mobile friendliness of your website
  • Content
  • How many times a day, week or month a website is updated
  • Traffic, which most of the time depend on how high up in the search results a website is.
  • Social Media interaction

There are a great many other things that also play a role, but these are the most important. How it basically works is search engines follow links on the internet and they analyze the pages they land on and then based on a number of algorithms, they give a page and website a certain rating. Based on this rating they will place the website in a certain position inside search reults, for a number of keywords and phrases. It is much more complicated than that, but it's more or less how it works.

With years of experience working on the Internet and doing website optimization we have come to know the methods that work, and those that don't. We can provide you with measurable results so your website is found quickly for a set of keywords, we help you decide on.

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