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Sarah Minor Photography

Website of the photographer Sarah Minor made by SnowCrest Digital

Sarah Minor is a talented photographer from Jamestown, NY and does all kinds of photography from personal portfolios, to events to weddings and more. Her photos display her talent and she wanted a website that will show people what she's capable of. She also wanted a website that will allow her to easily upload new photos and remove ones she no longer wants on the site. There is a private client area where only a specific client can get access to, to see the pictures he/she commissioned.

We used Wordpress because it is a cost effective way to set up a great-looking website for a lot less than a custom developed solution. We did however do custom development to give her the client area she wanted for her clients.

The design focused on big pictures and as many of them as we can fit. The site loads a bit slower but that's because of the size of the images that we compressed as far as we could.

We did a small amount of custom development to make the private client area function like it should.