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Responsive means websites interact with users and make things happen, as the user browses the website. More importantly, the website responds to user actions, like clicking a button or moving the mouse over a certain area. These all form part of a user experience based design and it helps to ensure website visits that are as pleasing as possible. We take time to ensure every experience is memorable.


Web usage statistics show that mobile Internet usage is around 56% of all Internet usage. It makes perfect sense then to optimize websites for mobile usage. There are many types of devices used to access the Internet and since we want to include everybody, we optimize for all devices.

Types of Websites


Static websites are created before all pages exists on the server, so when viewing a web page, all content is downloaded at once. The size of the page determines the loading speed.


Dynamic websites load content on the fly based on user actions. A database is normally used for a dynamic website, but it's not a requirement. Dynamic websites offer far more possibilities than static sites and are more engaging.

We use the latest and best









WordPress Websites

Managing your own website with WordPress is really easy

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) currently available, with over 62% of websites on the Internet designed with WordPress. WordPress allows anybody to build a website quickly and with little effort. It provides an administration back end that allows a user with the right privileges, to add, edit and delete content with great ease. We have well over two decades of experience working with WordPress. We're capable of designing and developing any type of theme or plugin.

Django Websites

Software as a service solution for any size company

Django is the most popular and in our opinion best Python web framework currently available. It is used to create websites and web applications. We focus on Software as a service application and utilize the Django Rest Framework quite often. We can develop small to medium sized applications for companies looking for robust solutions.

Laravel Websites

Websites and web applications without limits

Laravel is a web framework written in PHP. It provides developers like us with all that is needed, to build advanced websites and applications. We have been building web applications with Laravel for over 5 years now and can provide clients with any type of application to further their businesses and reach their goals.

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Small or New Companies
Companies starting out and looking to get a professional website online as fast as possible
WordPress website
5 professionally designed pages
Free hosting for 1 month
Free maintenance 1 month
Free SEO 1 month
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Medium companies
Companies looking for something new and exciting, without it costing too much.
WordPress website
7 professionally designed pages
Free hosting for 3 months
Free maintenance for 3 months
Free SEO for 2 months
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Large Companies
Established companies looking to expand or revamp their existing website
Laravel, WordPress or Django
10 professionally designed pages
Free hosting for 3 months
Free maintenance 3 months
Free SEO for 3 months
Free PWA conversion
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Online shop
Companies selling products and looking to sell online and have a shop that is open all the time.
Laravel, WordPress or Django
20 professionally designed pages
Free hosting for 6 months
Free maintenance 6 months
Free SEO for 4 months
Free PWA conversion
Online Shop
Product imports
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