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Website Redesign

Is your website dragging your business down, by chasing potential customers away? Is your website mobile-friendly or can people not view it properly on a mobile phone or tablet? These are important questions business owners must ask themselves.

Don't let your website be a stain on your brand. Get a new and exciting website for much less than you think.

We specialize in taking old, boring and slow websites and turning them into new, exciting and fast websites. We optimized them and make them mobile friendly so people can enjoy them on any mobile device. We add content and we optimize existing content so search engines like it.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising

The Internet is constantly changing and so should your marketing strategy. Search engines change their search tactics and algorithms so very often, to improve the search results people get. It's important to stay up to date and ensure your company's marketing plan adopts to the ever changing realm of the Internet. At SnowCrest Digital we make it priority to stay up to date with trends, search engine algorithms and market related information, that has an effect on the marketing success for a specific company. Our aim is to not only to save our clients money, but to also help them to make more, so they can do more to ensure their customers are the winners.

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Graphic, Logo & Web Design

We consider design as important as functionality. Proper design aids in helping users navigate and use websites and applications better. Our designs are focused on the user and aim to provide users with visually appealing interfaces that guide them towards the information they seek. Pretty should also be functional and our designs which include software, network and database design, makes transportation and retrieval of information a breeze.

Cutting-edge, focused and innovative web and mobile development

Web & Mobile Development

We are web developers and love building fast, safe and secure computer systems for companies big and small. Server and network applications that are blazing fast and deliver data efficiently and correctly. Our web design and development skills span over two decades and we never back down from a challenge. We always give our clients exactly what they need when they need it. Eye-catching, cutting-edge Mobile applications for today's demanding and often unforgiving business world.

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Where the proof lies

Morriroe for county executive

Richard Jonathan Morrisroe, or Rich for short, is the part-time City Attorney for the City of Dunkirk, New York, and he also runs the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe. Rich is also no stranger to politics. He has worked on federal campaigns for Congress and for President, and has worked on local school board, council and mayoral campaigns in Buffalo and in Dunkirk. Rich is now running for the position of County Executive for the Chautauqua County legislative

Chautaqua Web design from SnowCrest Digital

The Lawson Center is a boatshop and marine museum on Chautauqua lake.

We used Drupal content management system for this project as we wanted to give the client something that is easy to manage. They wanted an e-commrce solution tailored for their specific needs and we felt going the Drupal way is best.

We created a custom theme with enough regions for the various pages and a 'look and feel' they will be proud of.

Custom development was done by creating custom modules to provide specific functionality.

StLuke church website designed and developed by SnowCrest Digital

St Luke's Episcopal Church in Jamestown, NY is a church with a long and fruitfull history.

For this project we used WordPress once again as the client wanted an easy to use back end he can manage himself and edit content and change things.

We created a custom theme for St Luke's and used the colors provided by the client.

Custom development was done to various parts of the site to display content and provide functionality.

Famous doughnuts website designed by Snowcrest Digital

Famous Doughnuts is a small dougnut shop in the heart of Buffalo, NY. They have been making dougnuts for the last 81 years. Their quality and great service have stood the test of time.

They wanted a simple website they can make changes to if needed. We opted for a Drupal website because it is easy to manage and to customize.

The design is elegant yet simple.

No custom development was necessary for this website.

Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy is a company that owns and take care of a number of preserves in the Western New York area. They wanted an interactive website that could show people the work they are doing and the preserves they are looking after. They also wanted to display a few arial movies taken by drones. They wanted to have ecommerce integration with their bank and we had to do a lot of custom development to make that work.

We used WordPress for this project so the client can quickly and easily change any content they wish and that they can manage the ecommerce side of things easily as well.

Our design was made so people can quickly get to the information they want and so the preserves are displayed in all their glory.

We did a lot of custom development on this website to make the interactive map work they way it does and to show the various arial videos and to make the ecommerce side work.

a GIANT thanks to Chris and his team at SnowCrest Digital for bringing my dreams to life in the form of this beautiful website. I’m forever grateful.

Sarah Minor

Snowcrest Digital did an excellent job of creating and implementing a new WEB site and secure e-commerce page for The Lawson Center boat museum. They have been responsive to our needs, making requested changes quickly and accurately. We are very pleased with their services.

Pat Baldwin

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Anderson and his team at SnowCrest Digital last month. We recently re-branded one of our company divisions and initiated a television advertising campaign that required us to hit the market fairly quickly. As a result, they had very little lead time and only a couple of weeks to complete the project. His team went above and beyond to make sure that they met all of our expectations and we are so happy with the finished product!

Martin Vidal

Chris Anderson and SnowCrest Digital did an amazing job and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to colleagues and associates. Chris and his team are full of cutting edge talent, dedication, true knowledge and passion for web design and development. I believe we created a great partnership with Chris and his team at SnowCrest Digital and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site.

Allison Buscalgia

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