Email Marketing

Email is still the most successful and probably most used method of digital marketing in the world. Email marketing covers a wide variety of aspects and it’s not simply about sending emails. It’s also about making sure emails arrive and that people actually read the emails and do not simply delete them, or even worse mark them as spam. The server that sends your emails need to be a trusted server and not on any black lists. We make sure that your emails will arrive safely and that the recipient knows about your email and actually expects them and look forward to them.

Email marketing is also about designing emails that look good when opened on any device. Images should be relevant, of high resolution and they should be trusted so software from email clients won’t block them. Subject lines are extremely important and often determines whether a person will open the email or simply discard it. Most of all the content need to be on point and provide the recipients with valuable information. It needs to make them happy they signed up for the email.

With advanced software email marketing can be automated so the sending is done automatically based on what actions a user takes on a website. There are various ways we can simplify and automate any marketing campaign, so you have more time to focus on the business.

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