We don’t like pop ups

If you are anything like me, then you read with a certain bit of concentration. So you’re looking at a website and reading a piece of information you find quite interesting. It requires some concentration, because like I said it’s interesting and you want to finish reading it. You scroll down as you read and suddenly right in front of you, is a popup asking you to enter your email address to sign up for a newsletter. Did I click on anything and thus asked for something to happen? No I did not so why is my reading suddenly disrupted by something I did not ask for. I close it only to realize I have lost my place in the lengthy article, I was busy reading. Wish people would stop creating such disruptions. Popup blockers do not always work, because they were created for when a popup used to be a separate window that pops up. Why did they create popup blockers to start with? To stop pop ups from disrupting your view! Please can website designers get rid of them.